Happy solstice

2014-12-18 19.15.22-1I spent the day yesterday at a solstice meditation retreat. It’s such a powerful, nourishing experience, to take a whole day at this time of year to just sit in stillness, listen to the quiet, feel the earth lean away from the sun, and to do so in a room full of people doing the same. I left energized and calm and full of gratitude.

It’s not lost on me that I was just writing here about the frenzy of December days, or how all the little tasks of organizing said retreat were key contributors to the hecticness of recent days. But yesterday more than compensated.

Mostly, as you’ve heard, I watch the darkness close in this time of year with wariness, anxious for the light to return. I might slow down in the winter, but I can’t say that I’ve ever succeeded in “embracing the dark”. But yesterday prompted me to consider just that.

I’m really tempted to try to tell you about the beauty and mystery of the darkness, about how we could let go of our illusion of control, our sense of otherness and meld into the greater dark. But I’ve tried about a dozen ways and the words don’t seem to be working with me today.

So I’ll just wish you a happy solstice. May you find a bit of silence and stillness and yes, darkness in this day. And may this next orbit around the sun bring you peace and happiness.