December time machine

Holy smokes, a whole week just up and disappeared. I know I was just here writing to you, and now it’s the 12th of December. Maybe the days were swallowed up by the dark. Perhaps I can distract you from the utter silence with more knitting pictures? It seems that I’ve been knitting a lot of orange lately. Which isn’t exactly a problem in my world, I quite like orange, and it’s a pretty good antidote to the overwhelming greyness of December.

First up, I bring you a pair of convertible mitts, knit for my nephew Porter’s birthday earlier this month:


I used the trick of doubling up sock yarn in place of worsted, and realized it opened up a whole new world when knitting for superwash folk. I modified the pattern to suit an 11-year old about as many ways as one could, including the convertible thumb (it’s functional design, sometimes you just need the use of your uncovered thumb).

Next up is a summery lace cardigan, because who doesn’t need one of those in December? I started this back in September, when there was still enough sun that it seemed totally rational, and it was absolutely the result of some peer pressure from several members of the knitting group who were doing it together. It crawled along for about a month and a half and I was just about ready to abandon it to the bin of projects I might finish eventually… But then I finished the baby blanket that was an awfully similar stitch pattern and my apathy for this project evaporated. Woohoo! So now it’ll likely sit in the closet for a few months but I’ll just call it a little bit of tangible hope that spring will indeed come again.

IMG_3043 IMG_3054

But wait, there’s more! A little more than half this pair of socks was knit on our canoe trip back in August. But I don’t sit down to knit socks at home, they mostly get tucked in a purse for knitting on the go or during a meeting, so it took until now to finish the second one. I’m perfectly fine with non-matching socks but a knot in the middle of this skein (that leapt ahead in the very long color repeat) meant that these are especially distantly related. Call them cousins.IMG_3049

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