Hat surgery

thorpe surgeryI made this hat as a gift for my nephew just about a year ago. It was a quick and fun knit, following by some easy crocheting to finish off the edge that was more than a little painful for me because well, I can’t crochet to save my life. It was shipped off, welcomed, end of story, right? Of course not, because we’re still talking about it.

Later last winter I got word that it was worn, but that it involved a regular bit of tugging; back to cover an exposed neck, down to warm a cold forehead… it was just a bit small. I was bummed that it wasn’t as useful as I had hoped, but not gutted – it’s inevitable that some projects will languish in a bin. But this one didn’t go away to hide in the bottom of a bin, it came back with a request for modification. And it’s awfully hard to say no to a kid that actually wants to wear your knitting, so I agreed to attempt a fix.

This was a top-down hat so it might have been really easy to rip back and add some more length, but there was that crochet border! I let it marinate for awhile and the obvious solution struck me. So after a bit more waiting to get my nerve up, I snipped and unpicked the last row right above the garter section, which was tedious but straightforward. From there it was a simple matter to add another inch of length to the hat, and then I could sew it back together and I even had the garter transition to mask any wonkiness.

Success! I’m feeling rather smugly satisfied that I managed to both a) make an unwearable hat wearable, and b) avoid evil crochet.

In other knitting news… I bound off the baby blanket last night! Pictures forthcoming, I’ll wrap up the finishing and block it over the weekend.

2 thoughts on “Hat surgery

  1. I have one of those almost finished…just starting on the first tab. It was a quick knit, as I did use the chunky yarn and made the small size. Greenish camo – a yarn I have had for a long time – and it knitted up very nicely – glad I have a couple more skeins. The top got kind of tightly done…I tend to overcompensate trying to keep enough tension between stitches when working in sections, both with double pointed or doing some manner of magic loop, so my top does not lay as flatly as yours. I was hoping to block it over something round before it hits a head, but maybe not. Grandma Betty will laugh at the extreme measures you went to just to avoid one row of crochet around a hat! It went back together fairly easily? Eager to see the other updates.

    1. Nice! It really is a great pattern. And yes, I just used a graft/kitchener stitch to connect the two back up and it didn’t take long at all. I don’t often use bulky yarn, so it’s always a nice surprise how few stitches you need with it…

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