You can’t fight instinct

crafting 2014nov04It feels like some primitive instinct. The natural world mostly stops growing things this time of year and my urge to make things, all sorts of things, jumps into overdrive as if to compensate.

The knitting was the first outlet to fall prey, but I’m already in so far over my head there that I had to employ defenses. So I spent untold hours browsing patterns and scheming about the next sweater/hat/scarf (depending on the day), but I did manage to stop myself from actually casting on any new projects. I’ve decided instead that what I really need instead is to actually finish one of the projects I have going. It sounds very reasonable, but I did try to convince myself that I could just sneak in the rest of the pickle sweater last week. After the better part of the week spent on the upper back I came to my senses and buckled down on the baby blanket once again. Just one and a half balls of yarn left on it now, so maybe if I keep on it I’ll manage to wrap it up by the middle of this month.

And that would be totally reasonable if I was just working on knitting projects. But last Friday afternoon I was struck with the sudden (and brilliant) inspiration to relocate my sewing table. And it’s such a superior setup that I really want to spend time sitting there sewing. (I’m sure that watching back episodes of the BBC’s “The Great British Sewing Bee” for knitting company has only a little to do with this.) I told myself that I would just start on the backlog of mending projects but it was a matter of hours until I broke out the wool braided rug. Right before it went away for the summer, I had ordered some rug-braiding tools and lo! tools are helpful! So I’ve made some progress and more of a plan and I’m quite excited about how it’s coming together. Last night I did do enough math to figure out that I have about 10% of the braid done, so it’ll be awhile until I have an actual rug, but I’m plucking away on it anyway.

I’ve also been playing with some herbs and such again and over the weekend I made a batch of lavender soap. From infusing the oil and then making it up and now the curing, we’ve had the lovely scent of lavender wafting around for days and I have to say I’m really quite ok with that.

So that’s most of the making that’s happening around here these days. Now that I write it out it really doesn’t seem like so much. Hmmmm…

2 thoughts on “You can’t fight instinct

  1. So, tell us about the “pickle sweater”. Has this been mentioned in a prior post and I missed or have forgotten? Soap, I can do…braided rugs, also…but pickling a sweater is a new one. I tried to google, but got no satisfactory hits, at least none that explained your mentioning “pickle sweater” as if it were an everyday term. I need more information.

    1. I wish I were somehow pickling a sweater – that sounds so much more interesting! Alas, it’s a pretty boring, but thanks for inspiring me to document the full state of the knitting basket in a new post.

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