The state of the knitting

Thank you to Vicki for asking about my “pickle sweater” reference in the prior post and so effectively reminding me that there’s a slight difference between the level of familiarity with my knitting projects in my head and everywhere else. So allow me to reacquaint you a bit.

First up is the baby blanket. I think I’d really like this project, but it’s on a deadline and therefore needs to be regularly attended to, and I’ve grown to rather resent its neediness this way. 4.5 balls down, 1.5 to go, which I’m pretty sure is like “just over the hill” in that it sounds a whole lot closer than it feels in the getting there. Anyway, my deadline is the end of this month so I’ll let you know soon enough.

IMG_2887The second is a lace cardigan that I’m doing as a knit-along with a group from my local yarn shop’s knit night crew, so there’s plenty of peer pressure to keep on it. I thought it would be my “backup” project while I was working on the baby blanket, but unfortunately I completely underestimated how similar a cardigan and a blanket could be. At this point, they are both big rectangles of remarkably similar lace knit with rather slippery yarn. So pretty much everything that might annoy me about the blanket also applies here. Fail.

IMG_2886And finally, there is the pickle sweater, so named only in my head and only because it’s the colorway of the yarn. Although it might as well be the forbidden fruit. This is the project that has no deadline, that no one but me cares if I ever finish, and it’s what I most want to knit most days. Probably due in large part to the fact that it’s a lovely wooly yarn that doesn’t slip and there’s not a yarn-over to be found.


So there you have it, the full tour of my knitting basket.