Cozy satisfaction

hot water bottle cozyWhen I pulled my hot water bottle out this fall, it was obvious that its cozy wasn’t going to last another season. Or rather, it really didn’t make last season, but I was still using it. The gaping hole was the kind of special feature that meant you might shift a bit (maybe just as you were drifting off to sleep) and suddenly be scalded.

The window of opportunity for a mend had passed, so I set out to make a replacement yesterday. The objective was simple enough that there was no pattern or measuring involved. I started by felting an old lambswool sweater from my bin of thrifted supplies and then just cutting the basic shape and sewed the pieces together, making sure it fit the bottle as I went. Just my kind of project.

Since my sweater was a pullover instead of a cardigan, I made an opening at the back for easy installation/removal. A bit of strategic cutting meant that the sweater’s hem gave me a neat finish without any extra effort. I cannibalized a couple snaps from the old cozy to secure the opening and that was it. The felted wool is quite thick, but it was easier than I expected to work with. Of course it doesn’t fray, and my old sewing machine didn’t hesitate even when I jammed three layers through for the overlapping bit.

I’m really quite pleased about it – both with how it turned out and the satisfaction of actually tackling a project that’s so long overdue.