Unapologetic (and perhaps evangelical)

We had a couple cool nights last weekend and just like that… my routine of setting the kettle on to boil before bed and then crawling in with my hot water bottle has resumed.

What is it about hot water bottles that seems so… geriatric? I feel like the very mention evokes a certain aisle in the drug store, maybe between enema care and epsom salts. It’s really unfortunate, because as far as I can tell there is only goodness to be had from the hot water bottle.

Several years ago now, when we had just moved into the cabin on our property, I opened my holiday gifts to find a hot water bottle from Dean and a cozy for said bottle from my sister. They claimed no collaboration on this and I certainly hadn’t put it on any wish list. But it was either an indication that I had been complaining about being cold too much or a clear sign from the universe. Either way, I try to pay attention to these things.

Shortly thereafter I discovered the wonders of the hot water bottle. And I became an unapologetic (and perhaps evangelical) fan. It can pre-warm a cold bed! Restore circulation to frozen extremities! Send you to sleep quickly and soundly! It’s an extra shot of warmth any time until morning!

Seriously, how can this not be more popular? What about that list screams “the elderly”? Anyway, clearly I’m not an effective evangelist because despite my enthusiasm I’m not aware of a single soul I’ve converted. I’m tempted to keep trying but frankly, I think it’s hopeless. And it’s time for me to put the kettle on.

3 thoughts on “Unapologetic (and perhaps evangelical)

  1. If it makes you feel better, I had Anthony buy me a good-quality old-style hot water bottle on his recent trip to Germany, AND I will give you full credit for the inspiration. I haven’t made a cozy for it, but hoping to use it more in the cooler days ahead.

    1. Actually, that does make me happy. And now I want an old-style German hot water bottle, too. I don’t even know what that means, but I very definitely want one now. 🙂

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