Taking stock a bit today… what do the first days of October look like here?

The garden is put to bed. It’s always hard to let go of the possibility held by still-green tomatoes but we got a frost while we were away to the east coast so we took the cue to shift from harvest to clean-up mode. Took advantage of a couple beautiful fall days and some willing friends visiting to pull everything out, do a final till of the weeds, and sow a winter cover. Few things in our life get tidied up neatly and on schedule, but damn if it doesn’t feel good when it happens.

Making time for running this month, and thinking about it even more. I’m about six weeks out from my first half-marathon. I’m right about where I hoped to be in terms of training, but the closer it gets the more I want to try to squeeze in. Like maybe if I just do a few extra workouts it’ll feel much easier. Realistically, I just need to stay consistent as the mornings get progressively darker and colder and wetter.

I have less than a week to play with scarf designs and then I really need to get back to the baby blanket that is due in two months. It sounds like plenty of time but I know that it will take me four weeks of solid knitting time to finish it and not every week is solid knitting time. See also: two sweaters on the needles.

September seems to have flown by in a blur of transitions…. Summer turned into fall, light into dark, green into gold. Such a contrast to August which felt so languorous and spacious. Ahh, October. What have you got for us?

2014-10-03 07.53.20