A rush of creativity

2014-10-02 07.18.50I’ve been designing knitted scarfs in my head for the last two weeks. There have also been many spreadsheets and scraps of paper and knitted swatches involved, but it’s felt like an experience happening very much in my head. More than once, I’ve woken up in the morning already thinking about a design idea. I found myself walking down the street looking at passersby and window displays with the singular filter of translating elements into knitted neckwear.

Generally speaking, I like “making” more than “creating”. Not mindless making, but the sort where there’s a solid structure and just enough room to think and play a little. Definitely not the sort where you start with a blank slate and pull ideas out of the ether. I’m not sure exactly what prompted this latest spell, but something about the return of fall and jumping into a whole pile of knitting projects got the wheels turning and they just sort of started barreling downhill.

So I’ve been trying to ride this wave of creative energy, to enjoy the rush and collect as much fruit as possible and not become so consumed as to completely neglect the rest of my life (with admittedly mixed success). It’s a wild ride, to be sure, especially for someone so unaccustomed to the experience, but it’s a special kind of exhilarating, too. I can see how one could want more of this in one’s life.