F words

Not that kind. Friends and family. Food. Fall. Fair. Fun.

2014-09-17 12.22.04 We spent last week touring around the northeast, the kind of trip I hesitated to call a “vacation” because we logged over 1100 miles on a rental car. But it was also crammed full of good stuff – there’s a reason these are our people.

I ate my very first fresh whole lobster (and my second) and my first pick-your-own apples. We spent a day at the Common Ground Country Fair, and wished we could have stayed for the whole weekend. A new baby, an afternoon of all-you-can-eat food trucks, the first glimmers of fall colors in a northern forest… it was chock full of goodness if not exactly restful.

Unfortunately, the photos are scarce because our camera battery charger has gone missing along with the spare battery (perfect timing, of course).

I had grand plans of a baby blanket emerging off my needles over the course of the cross country flight and all those miles, but as usual I was a bit delusional optimistic. I took four balls of blanket yarn and came home with three. Turns out I still have to navigate (and sleep). But hey, at least I came home with a few, err, several more skeins of yarn and just as many ideas for new projects.

2014-09-16 17.54.20 2014-09-16 17.46.50