Home again

We returned home this afternoon after ten days away. More on the trip soon, tonight I am mostly just soaking in the comfort and luxury of having someplace to return to that feels so utterly “home”.

It had been a full half a year since I was on a plane, in sharp contrast to 2013 where I shattered my personal record for frequent flier miles. I didn’t miss it. I’m really not sure how to reconcile my desire to see and hold the friends and family that are scattered far and wide with the disorientation I feel so frequently with modern travel. Never mind the carbon expenditures.

And then there was the timing… after several days of feeling like I just couldn’t get my feet under me, I saw this reminder from Dooce mid-week about the coming equinox and it clicked. I feel the seasonal changes and it’s more challenging to be gentle and care for yourself while traveling.

Right now, it’s good to be back in the sanctuary of home. And so good to have a true sanctuary I can call home.