On the needles

Despite the continued warm and sunny days here, the signs of summer’s end are pretty much impossible to ignore at this point. Including the fact that my knitting needles have been back in daily use. I don’t really stop knitting over the summer, but it happens in fits and starts, as it fits. Until something ticks inside and I find myself staying up too late to sneak in just a few more rows, and again in the morning before work while I begrudge how much good knitting time is ruined by work. (I’ll admit to a bit of knitting during work, but I don’t have many meetings of that sort.)

Between spells of actual knitting, I’ve wasted untold hours in the past couple weeks browsing patterns on Ravelry, so I’m ready to cast on about half a dozen sweaters. I know exactly how long it would take me to finish even one of those projects, but it just doesn’t seem possible that I couldn’t fit them all in… maybe before the holidays even. I’d need to bend the time-space continuum, but it’s hard to worry about such details while I’m obsessing over what yarn would be ideal for my new cardigan.

The sweater currently on the needles looks awfully boring right now because I’m in the middle of a vast expanse of plain stockinette knitting on the body of it. But it’s an exciting project for two reasons: 1. I’m in love with the yarn, some Rowan Felted Tweed DK that I picked up on super-sale in North Dakota last summer. I always love tweeds and this shade of green was made for me. I’m certain of this because even though the ball band lists the color only as some cryptic code, when I entered it on my project page in Ravelry, the magic database assured me that the actual name of this color is “pickle”. Pickle! Which brings us to exciting reason #2… I only have 4 balls of this yarn, and I’m adjusting the pattern for a different weight of yarn and really it’s a giant gamble and I’m either going to finish triumphantly with 5 feet of yarn left or I’m going to knit 98% of a sweater and despair over how the hell to finish it.


There’s also a mini baby boom happening among my circle of dearest friends, so blanket number three is on the needles:

IMG_0438There’s never been a less photogenic yarn/project combination, it just keeps looking like a lump of washed-out grey but I assure you it’s actually a really lovely aquamarine. The pattern is simple but the yarn is gorgeous and crazy soft… a combination that I’m hoping will keep us on good terms. This one has a November deadline so I’m doing ok but there’s really no time for a love/hate relationship.

And then there’s this:

IMG_0431That’s just yarn, not actually a work in progress just yet. But soon. My local yarn shop is starting a knit-along for a cardigan beginning the end of this month. Reason would indicate that I don’t really have time to squeeze in an extra sweater project this fall but we’ve already established that reason doesn’t have the strongest hold just now. So I decided to jump, and promised myself that I would not knit another brown sweater. (I love brown sweaters, don’t get me wrong, but some wardrobe diversity is nice, too.) When I went to pick out yarn last week, I found myself holding a gorgeous mocha colorway and had to invoke the “not another brown sweater” promise and search a little harder and I came up with this orange. It’s more copper-y than it looks in the photo (clearly capturing shades of yarn is not exactly my strong point), so Dean has taken to calling it orangish-brown, but I think it’s a clear departure. And I totally have time for a coppery orange sweater project.

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  1. Yippee…fun to see your projects/planned projects. Ravelry is a wonderful site- interesting and informative.

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