September (sigh)

IMG_0261It’s been a full and fabulous summer here, folks. I was tempted to say “August” instead of “summer” just now, but July was full and pretty fabulous as well, even if it still felt a little bit desperate in a way perhaps only those who live long enough in a gray northern climate can appreciate. When the season of sun arrives, we feel compelled to soak up every last ray in one way or another. Which is sort of charming, but mostly really exhausting.

But then August came, full of so much endless goodness and sunshine that we had the luxury of taking it for granted… The long days on Ross Lake with no agenda beyond a swim and a nap set the tone beautifully. A second week away from the office for an abbreviated backpack and homestead projects. Multiple visits from friends who live farther away than we wish. Gatherings of local friends. The endlessly changing and yet never-ending gluttony of fresh local fruit and garden produce. We’ve been eating so simply it’s hard to call it meals – tomato on toast, zucchini and tomatoes sautéed with some garlic and herbs, diced veg dressed with nothing more than a bit of salt and pepper – and yet it’s so satisfying.

And now it’s September and the earth is undeniably tilting toward autumn… Much of what we’ve been pulling out of the garden these last few weeks has been tucked away for the coming months in one way or another – fermented, canned, or simply stored. Our chest freezer is nearly full with all the berries we’ve been squirreling away. I’ve picked up my knitting again in earnest, and am fighting the urge to cast on a half-dozen new projects all at once.

Yes, September will bring us more warm sunny days, but they’ll be interspersed with cool foggy mornings and already, a couple rain showers. It’s one of the things that I love about our weather here, that summer lingers well into September, and sort of fades away more than it ends. It feels like a few weeks of borrowed time, each summery day one more than we could reasonably expect.

I don’t have much of a point here, in case you hadn’t noticed. Maybe I’ve just read enough farewells to summer this week… maybe it just never hurts to appreciate the goodness.

2014-08-27 06.38.35