Morning light

I woke up to my usual 6a alarm last Monday morning after two-plus weeks of vacation-related disruption from my regular routines and… the light! While I was off gallivanting in the mountains and sleeping in and generally not paying attention, my morning light faded noticeably.

I thought maybe it felt so jarring because most everything about returning from vacation can feel rather jarring. But it’s been a week now and it still feels like it snuck up on me.

This is the most challenging transition time for me. For the last few months, the sun has risen before me, giving me the illusion of a static state; a state where it’s fully light when I wake, a state that I very much like. When the shift is noticeable at 6a it’s no longer the imperceptibly gradual change of days near the solstice, it’s a train barreling down the tracks. And I’m standing around a corner with ear plugs in.

I know that it will be a couple short weeks and then I’ll be waking in the dark for the next 8 months or so, thanks to the wonders of modern daylight savings time. (Ugh, that’s a rant that I’ll spare you for today.)

I wish I could experience the seasonal shift in light more gracefully. There’s so many wonderful things about this time of year – the transition from late summer to early autumn; I just want to enjoy all of them AND morning light. Imagine that – all I want is the impossible. How me.