Lake rest


I feel like I’m getting better at vacations of late. And I don’t mean that I’ve planned the perfect trips to see the most amazing things. Mostly, I think I’ve gotten better at not planning fabulous trips or grand adventures.

I spent the first week of my mountain escape canoeing with Dean on Ross Lake in the North Cascades. We paddled for a few hours each morning, set up camp before lunch, and then spent the entire afternoon reading, knitting, swimming (oh, the swimming!), exploring, napping… Did I mention the swimming? In a clear, cool lake?

It really was bliss, exactly what I needed. I think that’s the part that feels so amazing – to come home feeling energized to jump back into things and maybe start a few new projects. Such a contrast to “back to the grind”…

2 thoughts on “Lake rest

  1. Bethnany, I loved the pictures of your trip. Looked beautiful and relaxing. As always I enjoy your writing style, always makes me smile. Doris.

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