Miscellany, in bullets

julyI’ve had a jumble of things I might tell you about in my head the last few days and none of them seem to be forming into a coherent post, so… random bullets it is:

  • Concrete floors + my clumsiness = shattered smartphone. Frankly, I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner. But that might have made the decision about what to do about it simpler. Instead, it bit the dust a month before my current contract (leftover from the prior job) finally expires and right in the middle of me already fretting about what to do. (Side note: I heard a blurb on Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me awhile back about how all the cool kids were intentionally cracking their phone screens so I thought I might just use it as is for right now. Turns out that you have to be cool enough to crack it just enough; if you’re just clumsy and shatter it, you’ll end up with tiny shards of glass in your finger and then you’ll be bleeding and uncool.) So… smartphone? revert to dumbphone? Perhaps the more important question is why does this feel like such a momentous decision?
  • The garden is looking good after our recent spell of rain. It’s very much in transition from the “early summer” garden of harvesting peas, broccoli, lettuce, etc. to “high summer”- we’re in the thick of the zucchini and green beans, the first cherry tomatoes are ripe and I’m eyeing up the rest for signs of color. And the first sunflowers opened this week!
  • Best long run ever last weekend. I ran the length of a local rail trail and bribed Dean to meet me at the far end with a promise to buy breakfast. So, 1. no boring out-and-back route, and 2. breakfast motivation! I was somewhat disappointed to discover that a long run doesn’t actually leave you as hungry as you might think (or I might think when ordering) so Dean actually had to help me finish but otherwise… brilliant. I’m already scheming future routes.
  • We leave for the mountains one week from today. I’m ridiculously excited about two. whole. weeks. off. Excitement that is more ridiculous for all of the food prep and shopping and gear sorting that has yet to be done. (Inserts fingers into ears. lalalalala…)