Plans, shmans. Or feet, shmeet.

This weekend did not go according to plan. Which is ironic, perhaps, given how many times I was asked about my plans (given that it was my birthday) and the fact that each time I responded with, “no real plans, just a day to do as I please and take it easy.” In retrospect, I’d clarify that. I’d like a Saturday with a long run, some guilt-free crafting time, and some outside pottering followed by a very productive Sunday catching up on house and garden chores.

Instead, I got two days chock full of sitting with a bonus trip to the radiology department. Still waiting on word whether the anger in my left foot is strictly related to soft tissue damage or whether there is bone involved. I’m tempted to say it doesn’t really matter, although I guess one might heal faster than the other and that surely does matter a whole lot. Because I am really feeling quite over this sitting thing. Already.

At the least, I feel like I should have a good story of how I got into this mess. But I’ve got nothing. I was at physical therapy Friday morning (playing it conservative on the running issues), doing an exercise that involved running/stepping up and down from a wooden box quickly when I missed the landing on one step, hit the edge of the wooden box, and landed back on the ground. It didn’t feel like any trauma at the time, it smarted to a degree I attributed entirely to the intersection of bare skin and the edge of the box. But it’s been pretty much a downhill slide from there.

Since I’m searching for upsides I can report that I did indeed get some crafting hours this weekend. I knit a second sock to complete a pair I cast on as travel knitting back in December. They’re nothing pretty but I do love thick worsted-weight socks, even in the summer, so I’m happy to add a new pair to my drawer. I finally searched out some heavy sock yarn that is 80% wool/20% nylon so hopefully these will be a bit more durable than my current stock, which are lovely to wear but the yarn was never intended for socks and I am forever having to re-darn them.

2014-06-15 18.12.23

I also got a small start on the wool braided rug project. I’m still learning the best way to hold and fold the wool as I braid which is a bit trickier than the lightweight cottons I used on the last rug, but otherwise it’s going well.

2014-06-15 18.15.27

I’m working on the second sleeve of a cardigan that I started last summer and then the knitting works-in-progress will be cleared. Which explains why I felt the irresistible compulsion to rummage through my yarn stash this morning and scatter it all over the floor exploring ideas for what I shall cast on next. The possibilities of a new project never fail to cheer me up, at least for a bit…

Update: It’s just a flesh wound. (No really, x-rays were clear.)