Sprout baby blanket… finally

Relief, sweet relief. The blanket beat the baby to the finish line, and I am carefree to scheme new projects. Phew.

I really thought this blanket was going to be done a month ago. Or more. There was nothing difficult about it, I never reached a point of hating it, there were no big discouraging set-backs requiring time apart to forgive and forget. But it just lingered, some might say languished, in my knitting basket. It’s biggest offense was coming immediately on the heels of my first baby blanket project. I’ve been knitting baby blankets for most of the last eight months. By which I mean, of course, that I was knitting on them off and on and generally not knitting on anything else in that time.

I thought I would immediately cast on a hat, or pick up a pair of socks, or something of that sort that would offer near-instant gratification in comparison. But while the blanket was still drying from its first wash, I was sorting wheels of wool and planning my next braided rug. Which is another huge project and seems like a terrible option for the sporadic craft time of summer, but I just couldn’t resist. Maybe I’ll get my fix and then tuck it away until fall. We shall see.



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