Nootka rose

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A new discovery! Our native wild rose is the Nootka rose. You tend to find them in the unkept edges – growing along a fence or lane or such. I had been admiring the blossoms on the neighbors property recently and then yesterday I spotted a patch in one of the neglected corners of our place.

My first thought was rosehip jelly but we’re a few months out from that so I did some quick internet research on other uses and decided to try harvesting some petals. The picking went better than I expected; I was actually able to nearly fill a quart container in about half an hour or a little longer. Then I dropped it into a waist-high collection of grass, thistles, and brambles. It landed perfectly upside down. Some choice words were uttered, and what you see above is what I was able to salvage. I’d like to report that I really learned my lesson from that experience but I picked another spot this afternoon using the same container and lo, the same thing happened except I got luckier and only a fraction dumped out. Maybe next time?

A couple hours in the dehydrator on the lowest setting (95°) and the petals had shrunk impressively. I decided my first experiment would be to infuse some honey. So that’ll sit and meld for a few weeks and we’ll see how it turns out.

It was so satisfying to go from idea to identification to execution in less than a day. The second batch is drying now. Not sure what those will be – probably just stored as dried petals for a future tea blend or bath product project. I’m also intrigued by rose water but don’t think I’m that ambitious (and I’d need a whole lot more petals).

2 thoughts on “Nootka rose

  1. I remember drying a bunch of peony petals one year…the garage smelled so good. It would have been a bit much if I had done the drying in the house, I think. I wonder if I still have that dehydrator…

    1. Hmm, I’m intrigued about dried peony petals. And yes, the smell is quite powerful… I keep it quarantined to the pantry with the fan running.

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