Bits and bobs and bounty

0528 collage

It snuck up on me this weekend, that certain smug satisfaction that comes from producing useful things. No big projects completed, no big harvests, just a steady trickle of things that came from here…

  • I’ve eaten an arugula salad each of the last five days now. We’re not exactly early to the greens around here, but they are just as delicious. There’s also a bag of young kale in the fridge and some baby spinach made its way into my morning smoothie yesterday.
  • I decanted the first batch of tinctures and mixed up a bottle of bitters: dandelion, yellow dock, fennel, orange peel, and ginger.
  • Rhubarb baking. First another batch of my still-favorite leftover oatmeal muffins with rhubarb and walnuts. Then I branched out and made some bars. It was my first go at my mom’s recipe after eating more than my share for year – they were a care package staple of hers. (I really like rhubarb. She even started sending me raw rhubarb care packages for a few years; it wouldn’t even notice a few days in transit.) Anyway, I finally have a rhubarb supply of my own and her bar recipe is a keeper.
  • I finally processed the beeswax from last year’s honey harvest. Yielded just a couple blocks, but I’m already looking forward to a salve experiment or two.
  • I harvested a bucket of mint from our runaway patch. Didn’t put a dent in the crop but it filled the drier twice and now I have a generous supply of mint tea again as well as a couple pints tincturing for another alchemical project.

All bits and bobs but taken together it feels like a bounty.

The long weekend felt about the same. Knocked some weeds back in the garden, watched the chickens grow, knit a few more rows on the baby blanket. All together, it felt like progress and competence. Both of which I needed sorely to feel. I started a new job about a month and a half ago, and I’ve hit a rough patch. I’m not completely green but I’m not yet fully competent and I’ve been stuck in a vortex of anxiety and self-doubt. I’m confident it will pass but in the meantime it is exhausting to repeatedly calm my frayed nerves, redirect my energy, and refill my reserves so that I can bring my best self to another day. One of these days it will turn for me.

In the meantime, I’ll be sitting quietly and enjoying a bit of smug satisfaction.