Deception Pass

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We took a quick overnight trip up to Deception Pass this past weekend. It’s a pretty spot we drive past when we’re heading up to Bellingham or the North Cascades but we had never stopped for longer than a rest break.

I first visited the Pass on a family vacation when I was twelve. I have a few clear memories from that trip – marveling at the big old log and stone guardrails constructed by the CCC and wandering the beach.

I also remember that we made the day trip on that family vacation so that my parents could revisit a memorable park and the naval base less than ten miles up the road where they lived for a time when they were first married.

Dean and I paddled past it just a few days into our kayak trip up the Inside Passage in 2008, full of anxiety about timing the tides right in order to pass in calm waters.

Such a curious layered history with this place. It’s the kind of place that feels like it holds a lot of stories. The 24 hours we spent there this weekend were just enough to hint at the exploring to be done, of the beaches and the forests and the stories of this place.