Sneak attack

It happened so fast I didn’t even see it coming. It snuck up on me like everything else that seems to be growing visibly every time I look away for a moment… I got hit squarely with an attack of spring panic this week. You know, “ohmygod, there’s so much that needs to be done and it all needs to happen yesterday because if we don’t get ahead of the these things we’ll never catch up and how the hell am I supposed to find time to work or eat or sleep when it all just. keeps. growing.” And I had the brilliant idea that we should go camping this weekend?!

I blame the garden, mostly. You may recall that it was in a sorry state when this spring began. I knew this was coming, that rehabilitation does not happen quickly or easily, and I swear I tried to prepare myself. But then things looked pretty good for a whole couple of weeks. And I may have been lulled into thinking that it was going to be ok, that we were on top of things.

But any illusion of that is well gone this week. It was a two-prong attack, really – the grass that wasn’t knocked out by the tilling shot up and the first wave of weed seeds sprouted a carpet of tiny seedlings. Did I mention that it’s been raining daily? It’s ugly, and there’s a lot of real estate in that garden. And thus the panic.

So what will we be doing this weekend? Car camping. Taking a break from all things homestead to hike on the beach, breathe in campfire smoke, read and knit and study at a picnic table; gaining some perspective on the realistic measures of success for May; and yes, building up some reserves for the battle in the garden.

One thought on “Sneak attack

  1. I have the weekend off and have not made a plan…yours sounds like a good one! I could sit, knit and bird-watch from my front porch, weather permitting. As long as I sit in front, I won’t see that the back yard needs it’s spring cleaning. Migration is in full swing here. A couple days ago every kind of sparrow was passing through my neighborhood in waves. I have never witnessed that before. The warblers are here, too. Still waiting for the orioles- thought about putting out oranges this afternoon. Might be a bit early, but one never can tell.

    Take care…

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