Springing up

Spring has been good for me this year. Less of the hanging-on-for-dear-life feeling that happens when the light is changing so fast, more days filled with a little of this and a bit of that, joy in all the things springing to life around here and the sun’s long arc across the sky. Here’s an abbreviated list of the signs of spring growth in my world this week:

  • The chickens are noticeably bigger every day. Dean and I are still getting used to having them around again, still waking some days and starting our standard routines until an hour or two later we realize that we forgot about the chickens and beeline out to the coop to refresh their feed and water.
  • The garden seems to be off to a good start. Planted the potatoes and carrots after work yesterday (stew anybody?). The peas are up, along with spinach and arugula and cilantro; the brassicas and onions that got set out as starts are ready for their first weeding already.
  • We planted 7 new fruit trees and a dozen berry bushes in February and all seem to be settling in well. The chipper is back from the repair shop so I’m back on my favorite job of thinning alder saplings and turning them into ramial wood chip mulch. Dean laughs but it’s a seriously gratifying task, I assure you. And the orchard is a gratifying place to be these days with the last of the cherry blossoms hanging on, the currants in bloom, and the apples on the verge. (Those will get pinched but that can wait until we’ve enjoyed the display.)
  • And with a June deadline looming ever closer, I picked up the second baby blanket project again this weekend. Maybe not exactly a sign of spring, but it is green and growing. It’s also the perfect excuse to watch some BBC drama… what better way to spend the inevitable spring showers?

“April hath put a spirit of youth in everything. (Sonnet XCVIII)” ― William Shakespeare

2014-04-28 18.10.42