august seventeen




Before we ever started our house project, I imagined that designing a house meant being able to build in perfect details like floor-to-ceiling bookshelves along the stairs. I learned it means a lot of compromise; our stairway bookshelves got squeezed out of the final plans. We ended up adding it back during construction, even though there was only room for a couple small shelves. For awhile I regretted it, it seemed like such a fuss for something so small. But now that it’s finished, I really do love it.


august sixteen


look down

An orange skittle on the trail this week… like a tiny orb of pure sunny joy. Much to the consternation of my dear husband, I delight in discovering (and eating) bits of candy dropped on a trail. I knew I wasn’t feeling well when I walked by first a peanut m&m and then a skittle this last trip. My only solace was that there were thru-hikers about so I’m sure someone else enjoyed that gift and it wasn’t just wasted.


august twelve

IMG_0087on the table

Yikes. The dining room table (aka trip planning central command) at departure minus 15 hours. Lists, more lists, packed resupply box, empty cider bottle, random condiments, library book, and 10 pounds of blueberries, because, you know…


august eleven



Pencil to paper: 0.5mm #2 and college ruled, spiral bound, thank you. I always have a handful going; this one collects random lists. And now you know what I’m eating this week in the mountains. Beans and rice will taste like heaven after 20 miles, I promise.


august nine


in my bag

This week my bag carries everything I need, on my back. Is there any greater feeling of freedom and independence than the self-reliance of living out of a pack? I haven’t found it. This particular pack explosion was on the CDT in 2007.


august five

EPSON MFP imagethree

So many ways to go with this one, but the first thing that popped into my head and stuck there was three sisters, me being the third. Here we are on my first birthday. (Does anyone else find 70s halter tops just a bit shocking in retrospect?)


august four

view from cutthroat pass


An image from the same mountains I’m in this week… Cutthroat Pass in the North Cascades, from the Pacific Crest Trail in 2005. We were just two days from the end; at this point I had hiked more than 2,000 miles with the man in orange, Panda, who I met on the trail on my second day out.


august two


I have a soft spot for self-patterning sock yarn, and this beauty (colorway: pumpkin patch) is coming to the mountains with me. I adore hand-knit socks but the process of knitting them falls closer to “I’ll put up with it” than “happy fun time”. Introduce any level of fussiness and it quickly slides right into “hell, no” territory. So… self-patterning yarn is my friend.


The August Break

August! Can you believe it?

The lovely Susannah Conway is hosting the August Break once again, a group photo project that invites you to step back from the words and just capture the moments of these summer days with a simple photo prompt each day.

I’ll be joining in here, with a bit of a twist. Since I’m taking a break myself the next two weeks, I’ve queued up past photos to share while I’m away. I plan to jump back in with current photos and more words when I return.

Up for joining in? You’re welcome to do so on Instagram or Flickr as well… Just click on the badge for the details.