It was 108 trail miles from our last town stop to this one, our longest carry yet on this trail and only a few miles shy of the longest we plan to do. And yet those miles were the least removed from civilization of any yet.

We were walking through Shenandoah National Park, a beautiful place very much designed for automobile tourism. So what you can’t see in those shots of a ribbon of trail is the background rumble of motorcycles on Skyline Drive. And what I didn’t take pictures of were the water spigots in picnic areas (no filtering required!) and wayside grill selling hamburgers and milkshakes for lunch one day and the other little conveniences gleaned.

We still hiked 108 miles in 5 days and our feet still feel just like you might expect. And extra snacks are always very welcome. But novelty only lasts so long, and I prefer quieter environs.

Today is a rest day in town. My big indulgence was a haircut (ok, so really the salon shampoo was the indulgence), Dean caught a matinee movie. Tomorrow morning we head out in the heat in search of quiet, and the end of Virginia.

5 thoughts on “06.28.2018

  1. Bethany, as always your commentary makes us feel like we are right there with you. I especially enjoy your photography and Dean’s and the way you both view each other. So proud of you both. Love ya. Doris and Dennis

  2. Hi Dean and Bethany….. We have been following your progress and are so amazed at how far you’ve gone already. Everytime we read your blogs (you are quite the gifted writer Bethany !) and look at the incredibly beautiful pictures we say “Unbelievable!” Love to you both…Uncle Timmy and Rhonda

    1. Hi Rhonda (and Timmy)… So glad you are following along, it’s fun for us to share the adventure.

  3. Hey there Bethany! I am so late to the party but glad I checked in on your blog. What an adventure. I am so happy to be following you two, seeing a part of the country I have no experience with. Looking forward to more of your writing-

    Heather Frank in PT

    1. Hi Heather! Thanks for stopping by, I hope summer in PT is treating you well.

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