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In the thick of December making, I was full of daydreams about the projects that would emerge from the vast expanses of time in January. So far, though, January has produced very little evidence of making, let alone those mythical expanses of time. And the limits of January light means there is even less photographic evidence.

Predictably, as I was reaching the end of the holiday knitting, I desperately wanted to knit something simple and mindless. I rummaged through my stash and picked out a pattern and held on just long enough to crank out the last couple christmas balls, and cast on this simple ribbed hat as soon as the last one was off the needles. The color is impossible to capture, but it’s my favorite part. I used a skein of hand-dyed that was a little too bright and with the very short color changes you get with hand-dyed. So I held it doubled up with a plain light grey, which muted it beautifully. The effect is hard to describe, but somehow all the color changes just blend together in a way that I couldn’t have predicted.

I’ve also been making progress on a toddler hoodie for a pretty great two-and-a-half year-old friend. It’s very red, which is great for mid-winter knitting. It is also knit out of superwash wool and every time I knit something out of superwash I hate it and I swear that won’t do it again and then a little time goes by and I manage to convince myself that THIS version of superwash will be better. But I think, unfortunately, they are just all horrible. So the hoodie is progressing in fits and starts.

There has also been some mindless sock knitting and a charity hat knitting project, perhaps to be documented next time.

In other wool news,  Dean and I picked up the rug project after a long holiday hiatus, and it feels like we’ve made it over a hump of sorts. This is the whole pile of wheels remaining to braid:

And this, my friends, is the start of something possibly recognizable as a rug!

4 thoughts on “Wool news

  1. Yes, it does look like the beginning of a rug…and no dips or ruffles. That was always my problem…tension or whatever you might call it…that allowed the rug to lay flat. Nice colors!

    1. Yes, I had issues with that on my first rug as well. Keeping it laying flat on the ground while you’re lacing it helps, but I still managed to get some cupping. Dean gets all the credit on the lacing here, and so far so good!

    1. Thanks! I’m pretty anxious to see how all the colors will look together once it’s braided and then laced.

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